VoiP/Data Architect Manager

The Company:  A commercial telecommunications equipment provider with a global customer base though most sales are in North America.  Their goal is to provide outstanding customer service alongside a rock-solid technical platform. Their model of support is about educating and empowering the user wherever possible.

The Job:  Do you geek out on learning new things? Are you passionate about being an expert and delivering the best experience possible to customers? Can you empathize with mistakes, pick up the pieces, learn a lesson, and forge ahead when things go sideways? Have you found yourself thriving in a culture of honesty, openness, and logic while working remotely? If you share these values, this could be the opportunity for you!

The position is for a Manager of Voice and Data Engineering who has the chops to be a hands-on expert in the areas of VoIP Engineering and Database Administration. This person will function as a mentor, project manager, and technical expert to a small team of engineers who form the foundation of our revenue-generating activities. In carrying out their duties this individual will contribute to the efficient operation of three distinct voice networks and numerous databases. Additionally, they will be charged with keeping abreast of technological changes, maintaining accurate documentation, and interfacing with various stakeholders to ensure initiatives are set-up for success.


  • Maintain, update, and control changes to databases and their schemas
  • Maintain, update, and control changes to voice networks and their infrastructure
  • Investigate, test, and implement best practices surrounding architecture, function, performance, and security of VoIP Platforms and Database Transactions
  • Identify and resolve compatibility and operability issues for internal and external customers
  • Stay abreast of current Voice Operator technologies, requirements, and challenges
  • Collaborate with various internal teams on enhancement to the Voice Networks or Database Schemas
  • Mentor team members, grow their skillsets, and ensure they are moving projects and tasks forward efficiently
  • Lead the team in planning for growth, interoperability, and feature additions
  • Understand, and learn how to perform, the day-to-day operations of the team


  • Proficient in either VoIP Engineering or Database Administration (both is a huge plus)
  • Able to make and own mistakes
  • Advanced Linux command line ability
  • Grasp of Open Source Philosophy and the rewards and challenges associated with it
  • Experience with Kamailio and FreeSWITCH or MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL are required (experience with all four is a huge plus)
  • Exposure to Redis, Apache, Perl, Python, and NGINX are required
  • Must have some ability to read and understand PHP
  • Must have intermediate scripting skills – BASH, Perl, or Python preferred
  • Typing speed of 40 wpm or greater (corrected for accuracy)
  • Ability to read, digest, and work with various forms of documentation
  • High competency with written communication
  • At least marginal ability with oral communication
  • Ability to travel occasionally (up to 4 times per year during normal circumstances)
  • Ability to laugh at self, memes, Microsoft, and people who use fax is required

Desired Skills and Experience

  • 3+ Years of Voice Engineering or Database Administration work required
  • Must have experienced more than one colossal failure/outage (preference given to those who caused the issue and remained employed)
  • Can provide evidence of self-education that is recent and has been consistently maintained over a period of at least 2 years
  • Certifications obtained by self are valued highly, certifications obtained as part of employment hold lesser value.
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